A Little History...

Growing up surrounded by art and artists in the family, it was only natural that I gravitated towards art school. Although my education was everything I dreamed of, my career took quite a different turn. I joined the retail industry and my art faded away into the background.

Years later, after moving away from the city of Mumbai, and spending a few years living on the islands of Maldives and Seychelles respectively, I was inspired by the natural beauty and local life and slowly began to paint again. This laid the foundation for my art and where it stands today.

I feel honoured and privileged to be able to showcase my work at the Souq Waqif Art Centre in Qatar, where I live now. Although I am based here, my work has travelled far beyond - From various parts of Europe to the US, even to China and Nigeria.

I believe the paintings I create should live with buyers for generations to come.
Sheetal Dandekar

About My Art

Just like my own journey through life, each of my paintings follow a process - Patience and technique are at the forefront. I believe that art should last for generations to come and this is what I strive to inculcate in every one of my paintings.

I work with the Impasto technique and while I use various art mediums, my preferred medium has always been Oil Paint.

My inspiration till today lies in my surroundings and life as I know it. I am extremely fascinated by light and shadow as you will notice in most of my work and the Golden hour at dusk is my favourite light to paint.

My art currently consists of a variety of landscapes ranging from the City, market, nature and the Souq, sailing ships, prancing goats, galloping horses and a multitude of pretty flowers! With my ability to be inspired easily, I am looking forward to expand my painting horizons across multiple art categories.